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A good night's sleep is something many of us take for granted. In fact, we rarely think about how really important it is.

People who sleep a healthy 6-8 hours a night are more productive, less accident prone, happier... and statistics show that people who sleep well live longer too.

Unfortunately, not everyone does sleep well. Around a third of all adults suffer from some form of insomnia every year. There are all kinds of causes: stress at work, becoming a parent, illness... It can have a serious impact on home and work life, health and relationships.

That's something we want to change and the solution is the Sleep Infuser.

Who are we?

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Based in the beautiful city of Cambridge in England, Cambridge Sound Technologies is a design and development company working to solve some of the most difficult issues in the health, energy and learning arenas.

Being able to draw on the vast talent pool of the 'Silicon Fen' including – at its heart - the famed University, CST often takes a radically different approach to figuring out solutions to these increasingly important questions.

What's the problem?


Restful sleep is a series of cycles, moving between light and deep sleep several times over the course of a night.

Insomnia disrupts this in various ways; some people can't drop off to sleep, others sleep all night without the natural cycles and so still feel tired in the morning. Some never reach the critical REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage and wake throughout the night.

We realise that what people really need is a flexible but simple piece of technology, that will help them fall asleep, stay asleep and cycle through these natural phases. Then they can wake feeling refreshed, alert and ready for the day.

Audio technology and the Sleep Infuser

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In the past, people have tried using restful sounds to help them get to sleep. If you're not sleeping well, calming sounds can be helpful in stopping stressful thoughts from keeping you awake, but they don't help you regain the natural pattern of sleep that you've lost.

The Sleep Infuser uses natural soundscapes like ocean waves, rhythms like steam trains, and cocoon environments that block out background noise, but with an all-important innovation.

Hidden underneath the soundscapes is a carefully designed pattern of low pulses, which registers like a discreet hum. The pattern of these pulses works on your brain without you being aware of it, gently coaxing it into the brainwave patterns of healthy sleep. The way that the pulse patterns have been designed is the core of the product - it's the patented technologies that we've been developing over the past number of years.

You'll quickly find your brain copying the pattern in the sounds, and relearning your natural sleep cycle. After using the Sleep Infuser for a while, your brain is able to return to these natural patterns by itself.

An intelligent timer system can vary the sounds and their intensities to guide you through the cycles of sleep. You can choose a full 8 hour programme, a more flexible pattern, based on the time you have available, or even a power nap, to get the best out of a spare half hour at lunchtime.

The Sleep Infuser looks like a clock radio, and it's just as easy to operate. Simply choose how long you want to sleep for, and it will run the best programme to ease you off to sleep, cycle you through the phases of light and deep sleep, then eventually wake you up gently at the selected time.

Where we are?

Sleep Infuser Left Sleeping Calmly

Years of research into sleep patterns, and how they are affected by audio soundscapes, helped us develop working prototypes of the Sleep Infuser.

We asked insomnia sufferers to try it for us; looking at the widest range of sleep complaints we could find, to see if the Sleep Infuser really could help everyone.

The results went beyond our wildest dreams! People find it quick and easy to drop off into a night-long sleep and feel incredible when they wake up.

We've even developed an "affirmative message" programme, to further enhance the sleep cycle and feel-good factor!

Next we worked on product design to get something that looked good and was simple to operate.

Now we are on the brink of launching!

We really think we've developed a piece of technology that can help millions of people get a great night's sleep. We can help people feel better, be happier and even live longer, just by adding our little black box to their bedside table.

We have moved past the prototype & testing stage and are about to manufacture our first batch of units and get them out into the market, if you were to pre-order one today, you would get it for the hugely discounted price of $349.00 ! (Normal retail price: $449.00)

This is literally a dream project for us, and the millions of people with sleep disorders who we want to help.

Hopefully we will be helping you get a great night's sleep soon. Thank you!